Sinbad Trilogy Review

July 18, 2017 0

Few men who worked in the film industry were as influential as Ray Harryhausen. Many directors and technicians openly say that it was the viewing of one of his many fantasy films that made them ……(Read More)

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The Killers (1964) Review

February 15, 2014 0

The first interesting thing about The Killers is that it was promoted as the first ever TV Movie, but because of the violence and similarities to the Kennedy assassination at the time it was instead ……(Read More)

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Review: The Terminator

January 9, 2014 0

James Cameron seems to be obsessed with filming both sequels to Avatar at the moment so we take a look back at the film which shot him and Arnold Schwarzenegger to the big time, The ……(Read More)

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Only God Forgives : Review

December 10, 2013 0

Director Nicolas Winding Refn again combines with actor Ryan Gosling after the superb Drive to give you an altogether different outing Only God Forgives. Set in the shady criminal underworld of Thailand Julian Thompson (Gosling) ……(Read More)

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Heaven’s Gate: Review

December 4, 2013 0

Heaven’s Gate is the film a lot of people know as the movie that contributed to the collapse of a major studio but also shows what happens when a director is given too much freedom ……(Read More)

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Broadchurch: Review

November 26, 2013 0

We don’t review many TV drama’s but once in a while one comes along that stands head and shoulders above other TV fare and one of those is the recently broadcast ITV drama Broadchurch. Its ……(Read More)

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Streets Of Fire : Review

November 20, 2013 0

Walter Hill has had a few of his classics released to Blu ray in the UK recently including Southern Comfort and The Long Riders but the one i was most looking forward too was his ……(Read More)

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The Fury : Blu Ray Review

October 29, 2013 0

Director Brian De Palma followed the huge success he had with Carrie with another slice of telekinetic horror. The Fury opens with John Cassavetes arranging the kidnap of the telepathic son of his colleague (Kirk ……(Read More)

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Lifeforce : UK Blu Ray Review

October 9, 2013 0

Tobe Hooper was a director who burst onto the scene with the notorious Texas Chainsaw Massacre and hit the mainstream with Poltergeist but has since had a very hit and miss career. Cannon Films approached ……(Read More)