Assault On Precinct 13 Review

October 20, 2016 0

In 1976 director John Carpenter released Assault on Precinct 13 his first major feature film in the USA and sadly the response from critics and audience was disappointing. But the it got shown at a ……(Read More)

The Commitments Review

September 20, 2016 0

  “I’m black and I’m proud.” Re-mastered for its 25th anniversary, The Commitments comes top Blu ray courtesy of RLJ Entertainment. Alan Parker’s award winning film concerns Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins) who knows he’s the ……(Read More)

Hellraiser Trilogy Review

May 31, 2016 0

Hellraiser, Clive Barker’s cult classic horror trilogy finally comes to Blu ray thanks to Arrow Video in great remastered transfers and lots of extras. In Barker’s original Hellraiser, Kirsty Cotton comes head-to-head with the Cenobites ……(Read More)

No Picture

Mississippi Burning : UK Review

April 10, 2016 0

Alan Parker is one of those great British directors who had a string of hits in Hollywood then seemed to fade away for some reason, but Mississippi Burning is certainly one of his finest achievements. ……(Read More)