Stop Making Sense : Review


Talking Heads are one of those classic bands that when you hear them, you don’t realise how many of there great songs you know very well. This concert was filmed over three nights at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre in December 1983.

Stop Making Sense starts brilliantly with David Byrne walking on stage with a boombox and then starts to play Psycho Killer acoustically and from then on we get a great if slightly mad mix of theatre and music all excellently directed by Jonathan Demme. Some critics say its the best live concert ever filmed, i would not go that far, but it is spectacular in its sound design and keeps you entertained for the full 88 minutes and David Byrne in his iconic large suit is an image that will stay for you for a long time.

This new Blu-ray by Second Sight has been remastered and many instances of dirt and debris have been removed to give a very clean if at times grainy image. Colours are deliberately subdued but blacks are generally stable and overall its a good HD image.

Sound has multiple choices of two 5.1 tracks, labeled Feature Film Mix and Studio Mix, as well as a PCM 2.0 Stereo Mix. The 5.1 sounded great with good separation and is clear with no distortion.

Extras are an interesting audio commentary with the band and Jonathan Demme, a one hour band press conference and three bonus tracks ‘Cities’, Big Business’ / ‘I Zimbra’. The video for Once in a Lifetime was advertised ans being on this disc but could not be found sadly.

If your a fan you should upgrade to this release which is an improvement over the previous one released in 2009 in the USA. The disc is REGION FREE.