Quest For Fire. UK Blu Ray Specs.

quest for fire br

Second Sight in the UK are set to release on Blu ray the science fantasy adventure film, Quest For Fire this summer.


80,000 years ago a primitive tribe desperately guards its most valued possession, fire. They know how to tend it, how to use it, but its creation remains a mystery. During an attack by a neighboring tribe their flame is lost and so begins an epic, obstacle-filled quest to find another source of the element so precious in their struggle for survival.

Re mastered with a host of special features which include:

  • Commentary by Jean-Jacques Annaud
  • Commentary by Ron Perlman, Rae Dawn Chong and Michael Gruskoff
  • Interview with Jean-Jacques Annaud (30 mins)
  • The Making of Quest For Fire (25 mins)
  • 15 video galleries with Jean-Jacques Annaud commentary.

Release date 5th July and review soon…..