No One Lives Review

no one lives cover

Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura built a reputation on cult films such as Versus and Midnight Meat Train and here delivers a Horror thriller with a twist , No One Lives starring Luke Evans.

Driving across country while relocating and wanting to start a new life, an unnamed man and his girlfriend stop for food at a remote roadside diner deep in redneck country. An argument with a member of a ruthless criminal gang based in the area leads to the couple being taken hostage and installed in an abandoned farmhouse. But all is not as it seems. When a kidnapped girl is found in the couples trunk it seems the rednecks have chosen the wrong man to abduct.

The film starts off well, with a great premise, the twist is very well delivered, but after this unfortunately the movie turns into just another psycho slasher film. Its sadistic with the gore plastered all over the screen, its a shame as the story is a good one but  Hollywood does not trust subtlety  and the in your face brutality works against it. Luke Evans is good as the lead and the supporting cast do well but by the end No One Lives is just another forgetful schlocky gore fest.

The Blu ray released by Anchor Bay has an ok 1080p transfer, grainy and murky  in places but it serves the film well. Blacks are solid and there is plenty of fine detail on offer. Audio is Dolby True HD 5.1 and the mix is a bit off with the dialog being very quiet in places but sound effects and music very high in the mix.  The only extra is a making of called From the Script to the Crypt (HD, 28 min.) Its is pretty basic stuff with interviews with the cast and the producers with lots of behind the scenes footage.

Overall a missed opportunity for a film with a good story arc, its a shame that they had to cover it with blood and guts.  Horror / gore fans will love it, others should stay well clear.