Flight Of The Navigator : Review

flight of the navigator blu rayMade by Disney in 1986, Flight Of The Navigator now gets a HD Blu ray release Courtesy of Second Sight.

The year is 1978 and 12 year old David Freeman is mysteriously knocked unconscious in the woods while out playing. He wakes up and heads for home only to find strangers living there. It’s now 1986 and he’s been missing for eight years.  When NASA hears of it they believe he’s been abducted by aliens and want to use in him in their research.
But with the guidance of a strange unseen entity he discovers a top-secret spaceship and with the help of MAX the on-board computer sets off on an incredible mission to get back to the past where he belongs.
This is an almost forgotten, charming, Intelligent and thought-provoking kids film from the 80’s and stands up well today. The CGI effects work well within the story and don’t look too dated. A great soundtrack by Alan Silvestri help enormously making this a welcome Blu ray release which will keep kids and adults entertained for a couple of hours.
The disc by Second Sight has a good 1080P transfer, it looks very grainy and dirty for the first few minutes but then gets better as the movie progresses, the close ups and interior space ship shots look excellent and overall its a good transfer.
Sound is relegated to a 2.0 PCM mix but sounds fine, typical of the period and is clear with no issues.
Extra’s are sparse apart from an informative audio commentary by Director Randal Kleiser who goes into detail about the production and is worth a listen.
So if your a parent who wonders why there are so few family films available on Blu ray then this is an ideal gift or Christmas present for the kids or those that have fond memories of the film from the 80’s.
The disc is ALL REGION. Recommended.
FILM : 7 OUT OF 10