Broadchurch Series 1-3 Review

Broadchurch is one of the most acclaimed drama’s to come from ITV in the UK for many years with a fantastic cast and a gripping story. Season 1 had the story of the tragic death of a young boy in a seaside town and the rumours and implications this put apon the people who live there. you can get a full review of the season here…

Season 2 has the town in shock over the revelation of the murderer from season 1, the detectives who helped solve the case,Hardy and Miller,  find themselves drawn back into the drama as it goes to court.  The trial divides the town of Broadchurch as lives are thrown under the spotlight, and secrets are laid bare.

in the third and final season three years have passed in a town that will never forget; and Hardy and Miller are called on to investigate the brutal sexual assault of a local woman. The crime scene points to a party attended by close to a hundred people. But not a casual assault the act appears premeditated. What dark secrets still lie buried in a town that has been so closely examined? And how will unresolved issues around the death of young Danny Latimer finally be settled?

After a fantastic first season you did wonder how they could follow it up successfully and although the second season is a bit slow to get going the superb acting from all involved make it a must watch. The third season is back on top form and its great to have a series like this end on a high note, unlike some TV shows which tend to go on too long and dilute the impact.

The Blu ray box set release is a good one with a high standard 1080p transfer with great colours and black levels. Audio is great but dialog heavy so not too much surround sound activity but serves the story perfectly. Extras are good as you get Behind the Scenes of Series One, Series One Audio Commentaries, The Making of Broadchurch Series Two, How We Made the Broadchurch Trilogy, Cast and Crew Interviews, Deleted Scenes  from all three seasons and more.

Overall a great box set and a series that once again shows how great British TV drama can be.


Broadchurch – Series 1-3 [Blu-ray]

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