Blu Ray Reviews

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Here at Blu Ray Reviewer we do Blu ray reviews of titles that are released mainly in the UK, but also the USA as well as Europe and the Far East. When doing Blu ray reviews we rate the transfer / picture quality, sound quality as well as extra features that are added.

There are many titles released every week onto Blu ray so its best to check what has been released as you don’t want to miss your favourite movie getting the HD treatment! Click here to check Amazon UK for the new releases and Click Here for Amazon US.

Also when doing Blu ray reviews we mention the region code that the disc may be locked too. Region codes are as follows:

Region A consists of North American, Central America, South America, East Asia (except for China) and South East Asia.

Region B is Europe, Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, and of course, Australia.

Region C is for everywhere else, but mainly China, Russian and India.

Many discs are REGION FREE so will play on any player, please double check before purchasing.

Don’t forget you can now buy REGION FREE Blu ray players, so you no longer have to worry about what region the disc is locked too. We recommend this option so you have the choice of any disc, anywhere it is released. Look at our side panel to see the REGION FREE players available.